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Sodexo Remote Sites The Netherlands Bv Hoorn

Sodexo Remote Sites The Netherlands Bv
Nieuwe Steen 2-201
1625 HV Hoorn

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Maintaining a healthy, safe environment has always been a priority for Sodexo. It is an absolute necessity for Remote Sites, where living and working conditions are inherently difficult., Enjoying a varied diet and having a place all to oneself contribute to individual well being. This is just as important for teams working on an oil rig in the North Sea as it is for office workers in London's City district., Sodexo organizes leisure, sports and cultural activities to entertain employees at Remote Site around the world., Maintaining a healthy life-work balance is especially difficult for people living away from home. Sodexo's online concierge services enable Remote Site residents to manage some aspects of their personal lives from a distance to help them better concentrate on the work at hand and feel less isolated., Team motivation takes on special meaning when people are working in isolated conditions., Through a unique comprehensive service solution, Sodexo contributes to reducing CO² emissions and improving satisfaction of BHP Billiton employees.


Catering, Bedrijfskantines, Restaurant, Sporten, Hygiene, Leisure, Foodservice

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